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That is test case Since the end of the First Anglo-Myanmar war in 1826, the British introduced and exercised a legal system modified their Common Law Legal System. A Government Advocate General, Government Advocates and Public Prosecutors were appointed to conduct cases for and on behalf of the Government in both criminal and civil cases.

When Myanmar regained her independence in 1948, the Office of the Attorney General was established under the Constitution of the Union of Burma, 1947 and the Attorney General of the Union Act, 1948. The Office of the Attorney General continued to exist when the Revolutionary Council took over the State responsibilities in 1962. At that time, the functions and duties of the Attorney General were to appear for and on behalf of the Government in civil and criminal cases and to tender legal advice to the Government. When the existing administrative mechanism was abolished in 1972, a new one was re-established and it was vested to carry out the responsibility for prosecution, tendering legal advice, drafting bill and legal translation. After that, the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma was exercised in 1974 and the Council of People's Attorney was formed. The Central Law Office, State and Division Law Offices and Township Law Offices were formed under the provisions contained in the law of the Council of People's Attorney, 1974.